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Mission Report: “Final Sanction”

Current Status

Under prosecution (as of 817.M41)

Kill-team Assignment


Assigned Leader

Battle-Brother Gladius Aurelius

Oath Sworn

Oath of Knowledge (studied enemy: Tyranids)

Additional Assets

Sword-class frigate Valiant (CO: Haltreme, Capt. Galrite)

Operational Area

Planet Avalos, Avalos System, Jericho Reach (Agri-world located near Iron Collar)

Governance: Imperiel fief (assigned Lord-Governor: Thorsholt, Perian)


Lordsholm, Planetary Capital City of Avalos

Eastern coast of primary continent

Mission Brief

Astropathic communique received from Inquisitor Kalistradi via Astropath Elsharna, assignment Jericho Reach/Avalos/Lordsholm/House of Echoes. Kalistradi reports results of investigation into rumours of Genestealer infestation on planet Avalos. Investigation has confirmed Genestealer presence on-planet; threat evaluation Gravis. Kalistradi requests dispatch of Kill-team to eliminate threat.

UPDATE: Kill-team insertion to Lordsholm successful; frigate Valiant destroyed in orbit by Tyranid bio-ships. Armed rebellion in progress, likely driven by Genestealers. Adjusted threat evaluation Extremis (extensive rebel infiltration of Planetary Defence Force; loyalist resistance scattered; Tyranid invasion impending). Mission objectives provided by Throne Agent Syndalla (Retinue Kalistradi).


  • Primary
    • Kill the Broodlord: The Kill-team must find and destroy the Genestealer Broodlord, ending his control over his nest and disrupting the efforts of the uprising.
    • Send an Astropathic Message for Help: The Kill-team must locate and enter the House of Echoes and find Astropath Ascendant Elsharna. They must then keep her alive long enough to send a message to nearby Imperial forces for reinforcement.
  • Secondary
    • Rescue the Lord-Governor: The Kill-team can find Lord-Governor Perian Thorsholt and ensure his survival until reinforcements can arrive. This ensures continued Imperial control within Lordsholm.
    • Help the PDF Recapture the City: The Kill-team can aid the PDF in key battles throughout the city, using their presence, tactical skill, and firepower to turn the tide of battle.
  • Targets of Opportunity
    • Kill the Roaming Genestealers: For every Roaming Genestealer the Kill-team find and exterminate, they lessen the Broodlord’s hold on the city and reduce the final size of his nest when they track it down.
    • Kill the Rebel Leaders: There are a number of key rebel leaders leading and directing the uprising. Finding and killing them weakens the rebels’ efforts.
    • Gather PDF Support: Throughout the city there are a number of PDF regiments and companies holding out waiting for orders. If the Kill-team breaks through to them and give them orders they can offer support.

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