A Deathwatch Actual Play Podcast in the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Universe

Cast And Crew

Our Game Master: Radio Rob Farquhar

Lover of sleek futures and cool machines, Rob agrees that the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000 is sort of an odd fit for him as a Game Master. But he’s always had a soft spot for the setting’s big lunkheads in powered armour, and he loves giving players the cool toys to play with!

When he’s not GMing, rob works a day job in the IT&T industry and indulges his love of performing by developing a voice talent sideline!

Radio Rob Farquhar’s Website

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Our Players: Kill-team Atromitos

Brother Matthias: Scott Doucet

Podcast Pirate, Reluctant Community Leader and otherwise Vulgar Entrepreneur, Scott Doucet is the mind behind Blood Angel Assault Marine: Brother Matthias. Scott is hopeful that his love of history, medieval things and the twisted universe that is 40K will be enough to get him through this game, since good looks and charm will get him nowhere.

Podcast Bay

Brother Avalon: Sim Lauren

We are not responsible for any side-effects or tea-spillage that may occur when you learn that Sim is Australian.

She is abnormally tall (like her character), has a vision impairment (unlike her character), and an obsession with painting pretty models.

You can find her on twitter under the handle @paintysim, or at various UK Wargames fixtures throughout the year. (Salute, WarhammerFest, etc)

Sim’s character Avalon is an impulsive Engineer and has been compared to both Tony Stark & Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.

Brother Gedeon: Ketch

A.k.a. Ian Sinclair

Plays Brother Gedeon.

Detailed bio pending.

Brother Gladius: Rebel

Long Time ‘Forever GM’ and Frequent Dissapointment, Roger “Rebel” Kennedy plays Brother Gladius Aurellius. When he isn’t losing arms to Genestealers, he can be found behind any number of tables both Physical and Digital crafting worlds for other people to casually destroy play in. A big fan (if not a frequent player of…) wargames and strategy sims, his warcry is “Goddamn It, Guys…”

Music: Mike Taylor of Shades of Sorrow

From the official website of Canadian metal band Shades of Sorrow:

Mike Taylor (guitar) hails from Miramichi, NB. He spent a few years jamming with local cover bands and performing roadie duties. After trying unsuccessfully to form an original band he moved to Moncton to seek out musicians with similar musical interests and drive. Mike is the primary song writer for the band and brings the influence of such bands like Metallica, Pantera, Guns N Roses, and Incubus to the music.

Mike is the creator and performer of our fantastic intro/outro music. Contact him about creating custom music for YOUR project at shadesofsorrow1 at yahoo dot com!